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Heather Scott Home & Design

Heather Blue Harkovich

This Austin home, named Villa Blanca by its owners, is a renovated 1980s four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom in Lake Pointe featuring plenty of entertaining space and a neutral palette. Designed by Heather Blue Harkovich, who spent a decade in corporate marketing before founding Heather Scott Home & Design with her husband, Scott, in 2006, the home is an ideal example of her firm’s aesthetic: “classic, new traditional and chic.”

For the homeowners, the biggest challenge was the home’s dark and dated feel, which was made worse by its cramped interior layout. Thus they tasked Harkovich with a complete remodel of the main living spaces in 2016 and the upstairs this past year.

The first task was creating a larger kitchen by blowing out one of the walls that was encroaching on the space and adding double islands for improved functionality.

The rest of the home includes versatile custom-made furnishings as well as a few vintage finds like the master bathroom’s beautiful Turkish rug. With a palette that satisfies the homeowners’ desire for a more minimalist look, Harkovich made sure to add pops of color in accessories that can be easily swapped out. “When you do interior design over time, you can help people make better decisions,” she says. “Once you’ve experienced it, you develop your knowledge of what works best.”

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