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A Look Behind: Feast Day at the Hotel St. Cecilia

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A Look Behind

Feast Day at the Hotel St. Cecilia

by Tribeza Staff
Photograph by Daniel Cavazos

One of the most magical music events of the year happens under the stars at the Hotel St. Cecilia where, for one night, hotelier Liz Lambert plays host for the ultimate dinner party in the hotel’s courtyard. At the most recent dinner in November, chef Rene Ortiz prepared an elaborate, well, feast in every sense of the word, while Lambert held court at an exquisitely decorated table with florals by Antonio Bond of Transplant Floral Design. After dinner, an impressive lineup of Lambert’s musician friends gathered around an upright piano, others with guitars in hand (like Dan Dyer who is pictured) for a few songs. Terry Allen, Shawn Colvin, Bruce and Kelly Robison were a few of this year’s highlights. The evening continued until well into the night, especially around the fire pit. If you have a chance to experience this unforgettable event, seize it! Learn more about the hotel and their events at

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