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A Look Behind: Yes, AND

A Look Behind


Yes, AND

Photographs by Randal Ford

CHOOSING A COVER IMAGE is always agonizing. In a good way. For this issue Randal Ford’s stunning shots of local style icons Jane Sibley and Nikisha Brunson made it downright impossible. As we stared silently at the images – one of Austin’s great philanthropists, in her ninth decade, exuding confidence, wisdom and sly wit; and one of an innovative apothecary owner and health and wellness influencer in her early thirties, with inarguable poise and an arresting gaze – MP, Tribeza’s creative director, declared: “Let’s use them both.” We leaned back, laughing: of course! Style – at its most human, most creative, most revolutionary – demands choosing both, that old improv theater adage of “yes, and.” Not insisting on one trend or one impossibly expensive brand, but embracing the classic and the quirky and whatever succeeds in richly expressing oneself. So we did it: we cut the baby in two and created Tribeza’s very first twin-cover issue. We couldn’t be more thrilled by our dual divinities.


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