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Style Pick: FIG Home


FIG Home

WHAT’S IT TAKE to create a uniquely personal home or wardrobe, one that reflects your own style and not simply the latest trends on Pinterest and Instagram?

Most style mavens have their tested strategies and Austin interior designer Kit Odom Garven and her business partner Lisa Davidson are no exception. Visit the website or Tarrytown pop-up shop of the duo’s joint retail project, FIG Home, and their mantra is immediately evident: found, inherited, gathered.

FIG home tribeza austin style

“The things people treasure the most—unique jewelry, a great travel bag or a gorgeous pair of lamps—always have a story behind them,” Garven says. “A history is really the way people connect with what’s around them; it’s what makes something special. Using a design philosophy centered around things you’ve found, inherited or just gathered along the way can make seemingly disparate pieces work well together.”

“It’s also an attitude,” Davidson adds, “One that creates a storyline through your home, or your closet.”

The longtime collaborators met working in showrooms for the Austin design trade. Garven studied art history and interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design. She inherited her penchant for style from her maternal grandfather, a globetrotting fashion illustrator in the 1940s and ‘50s.

fig home tribeza austin style

Once Garven and Davidson, a veteran of Neiman Marcus and Horchow, realized their personalities were as compatible as their aesthetic sensibilities, the pair embarked on their current adventure.

Items at FIG Home run the gamut from newly made pillows covered in antique Fortuny fabric to imported shoes, tops, and textiles to vintage entertaining accoutrements. Although the inventory varies, every item reflects the singular notion of pulling together those just right pieces you happened upon in an out-of-the-way shop, or while perusing your great aunt’s attic on a rainy day. The aunt with fabulous taste, that is.

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