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15-Minute Workouts with barre3

Co-Owner Tara Heavner will leave you feeling strong and empowered from your head to your toes

Tara Heavner is a native Texan who grew up in Houston and went to Southwest Texas State. After a 12-year career in finance in both Austin and NYC, Tara left corporate America to bring barre3 to Texas in order to have a more fulfilling career. Together with her sister Kim, the two brought the first barre3 studios to Texas 10 years ago and have helped grow barre3 in the Austin area and around the country. A retired marathoner, she has completed 10 marathons which include Boston, Chicago and New York. Being a mother to a wonderful nine-year-old, Tara knows how important childcare is to moms, which is why barre3 offers a play lounge in the studio.

Workout: Full-Body Barre

This 15-minute barre workout is designed to engage the entire body. A combination of strengthening, conditioning and cardio, the movements in this exercise sequence will leave you feeling strong and empowered from your head to your toes. Plus, the workout can be done anywhere, any time. Even if you aren’t in the mood to work out, Tara says, this workout will suit your needs. “However I am feeling, strong or tired, energized or exhausted, my barre3 practice meets me exactly where I am,” she says.

Sumo Warm-Up

• Arms back to front – 1 Min
• Figure 8 – 30 Sec
• Flat Palm Press – 30 Sec
• Lateral Lean + Slide – 30 Sec
• Row to T – 30 Sec

15-Minute Barre Workout

• Crescent Lunge Burpees – 2 Min
• Plank – 1 Min
• Horse Pose with Lat Pulls – 2 Min
• Rotate to Incline Carousel Horse (a signature barre3 posture) – 2 Min each leg
• Pulse + Tricep Taps
• Horse Pulse with Biceps Trays – 2 Min
• Incline Carousel Horse side 2 + Triceps Taps – 2 Min
• Flat Back Core – Toe Taps with Chest Press – 2 Min


Horse Post with Lat Pulls

Carousel Horse

Flat Back Core

Finish with a stretch for 3 minutes.