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15-Minute Workouts with HIT Athletic

Head Trainer RP Stuart offers a well-rounded workout for beginners and experienced athletes alike

RP Stuart is the Director of Programs at HIT Athletic where he acts as a head trainer, class instructor and personal trainer. A proud native Austinite, RP was fortunate enough to earn a D1 Scholarship to attend Louisiana Tech University to play football and study exercise science. When he’s not in the gym, RP’s favorite things to do are family walks in the park, maybe squeezing in some couch time and seeking out a new foodie and drink stop.

Workout: All-In for All Levels

HIT Athletic offers a wide variety of training styles with classes ranging from Pure Strength to Strength & Conditioning to HIIT, and Sport Conditioning. This well-rounded workout is great for beginners and experienced athletes alike as it is easy to do anywhere and requires little equipment. “Someone new can move through the movements slowly and consciously while still feeling a pump and decent heart rate,” says RP. “Or, if you’re a more advanced exerciser, you can bump up the pace and challenge yourself for a quick burner.”

Set up a clock for 15 minutes. Your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible using 2 dumbbells.
• Strength: Romanian Deadlift x5, Bent Row x5, Squat Press x5
• Heart Rate: Broad Jumps x3, Reverse Crawl to start line
• Core: Sit-Ups x10

Romanian Deadlift x5

Bent Row x5

Squat Press x5

Broad Jumps x3, Reverse Crawl to start line

Sit-Ups x10

You’ll repeat this sequence as many times as you can during the 15 minutes. Your dumbbells do not need to be particularly heavy if you don’t have access to them. If they are light and you feel confident through the movements you can simply elevate your pace. If you are fairly new to training, take your time; a low amount of quality reps will always beat a high quantity of bad reps.