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How Carson Skin Rejuvenation Nurtures Healthy Skin From the Inside Out

Jaime Carson gives clients long-term skin care with innovative treatments and better habits

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For aesthetician Jaime Carson, healthy skin is about more than gentle, effective therapies and innovative technologies — it’s also about encouraging the good habits that help clients maintain the vibrant, balanced skin her treatments provide. At Carson Skin Rejuvenation, her by-appointment boutique salon in Rollingwood, “Everything I do is about the long-term health of your skin,” Jaime says. “I want your skin to look great now, and to look even better a year from now.”

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Jaime Carson of Carson Skin Rejuvenation.

While skin care treatments typically focus on treating existing problems, Jaime is equally concerned with preventing issues and boosting skin’s clarity, texture and overall health. This means she makes sure that clients with dry, flaky skin aren’t exfoliating too frequently, and if she suspects a food sensitivity is behind a breakout, she’ll ask about a client’s diet, cravings and sleep habits.

Jaime recommends other health professionals when appropriate, but her holistic, from-the-inside-out approach to skin care has enabled her to identify and eliminate the cause of one client’s cystic acne (Greek yogurt) and another’s inflammation (artificial sweeteners). She’s also happy to reveal her secrets, teaching clients at-home facial massage techniques and advising them on skin care tools they’ve expressed interest in.

An Environment for Healthy Skin

Jaime’s commitment to health and wellbeing is evident in the care she’s devoted to her surroundings. “The studio I created is quiet and restorative, with relaxing music and soft colors,” she notes. “Sessions are by appointment only in a private studio — it’s a place you want to come and unwind in. It’s clean, quiet and serene.” And because Jaime’s treatments don’t require downtime to recover, clients don’t have to take a break from all the other activities that keep them healthy and happy.

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The benefits of Jaime’s customized facial treatments continue long after the sessions end. “A lot of my clients end up falling in love with taking care of their skin,” she says. Embark on your own skin care journey and enjoy a personalized experience by scheduling an appointment at