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7 Creative Ways to Work Out in Austin That are Actually Enjoyable

Your fitness routine has never been this grin-inducing

Fuse Bungee Fitness
Photo courtesy of Fuse Bungee Fitness

Not every endorphin-filled adventure has to consist of harsh fluorescent lighting and gym junkies that never seem to rack their weights when they work out.

We’re here to inform you that every rep can be a riot if you’re in the right place, so get ready to fill your calendar with calorie-crushing activities that’ll have you high-fiving strangers and laughing off those pounds in no time at all.

Monday Movement

Let’s begin with Monday Movement.

What began as a fun activity to make Monday mornings less mundane, Monday Movement has quickly blossomed into an inviting space for Austinites to connect and wake up with one another.

Black Swan Yoga instructor, Kennon Lydic, kicks off this completely free yoga session at 7 a.m. powered only by good vibes and donations.

The group gathers in Zilker Park to complete a forty-minute yoga flow, followed by a short walk across the street to complete a cold plunge in Barton Springs around 8 a.m. This addition to your Monday routine will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and ready to start the day in just a little over an hour.

And if you’re interested in keeping your chakras aligned throughout the week, you can keep up with Kennon at Black Swan Yoga!

Sky Candy class
Photo courtesy of Sky Candy

Swing from the ceilings at Sky Candy.

If you’ve ever dreamed of running off and joining the circus, this one’s for you.

That’s right. Those teenage daydreams aren’t as far-fetched as they once seemed. Sky Candy’s circus-centric studio, offers plenty of classes for all ages and skill levels. Here, you’ll learn how to hang from the ceiling like a true professional, or even try the art of trapeze!

However you choose to train, you’ll have nothing but fun at any of Sky Candy’s wonder-filled work out workshops.

photo courtesy of RIDE

RIDE your heart out.

Personalize your next spin session with one of the many themed classes RIDE has to offer.

Whether it’s jamming to Taylor Swift or the thought of sipping on a provided post-ride margarita that spins your wheel, there’s never a lack of motivation for #RideTribe members. This studio keeps the tunes cranked, the vibes electric, and before you know it, the wheels are practically turning themselves.

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Photo courtesy of the Austic SSC Facebook Page

Join a Team with Austin Sports & Social Club.

It’s time to dust off the old letterman jacket and get your head in the game because rec leagues are the perfect place to indulge in a bit of friendly competition while also pushing your body to new limits for the sake of bragging rights.

From the typical team sports like volleyball and soccer to the niche pickleball and cornhole games sprinkled in between, there’s no shortage of physical pastimes to choose from with Austin Sports & Social Club, so call up your own crew or find some camaraderie with newfound friends by joining an established team before the season starts!

Kickboxing at Knockout Austin.
photo courtesy of Knockout Austin

Pack in a punch at Knockout Austin.

Introducing the best way to work out and release some mid-week workday steam.

The boxing classes at Knockout Austin consist of heart-pounding routines, high-intensity group sessions, and a community that thrives on support and encouragement. Here you’ll discover full-body workouts that’ll totally transform and tone your body — with the help of a trainer by your side of course.

Don’t let gym intimidation get the best of you. This is a judgment-free zone and there’s a good chance that you’ll find another first-timer in class beside you!

swing dancing party

Photo courtesy of the Austin Swing Syndicate Facebook page


Photo courtesy of the Austin Swing Syndicate Facebook page

Austin Swing Syndicate – dancers

Photo courtesy of the Austin Swing Syndicate Facebook page

Dance the night away with the Austin Swing Syndicate.

Here the ballroom is big and the tunes are swanky, so put on your swing shoes and get ready to start stepping. The Austin Swing Syndicate is offering weekly lessons and you’re invited.

On Thursdays, you’ll have the chance to learn the basics from a friendly instructor before hitting the floor to practice what you’ve learned, and once you’ve leveled up, there are plenty of advanced courses to choose from.

Their calendar is packed with events around the clock, so you’ll be able to squeeze in some time for swing no matter how busy your schedule.

Photo courtesy of Fuse Bungee Fitness

Bounce around with Fuse Bungee Fitness

This new wave of working out is all about having a good time, so get ready to flip the script on your fitness routine with the help of a gravity-defying device known best as a bungee cord.

That’s right! With Fuse Bungee Fitness, soon you’ll begin to master an abundance of high-flying leaps and graceful twirls, to get your heart rate pumping with the help of this unique training tool.

Located within Balance Dance Studios, you’ll bump into many more exciting classes (think ballet and belly dancing) to add to your calendar.

Continue to check out these wonderful places to work out and all of the other quirky classes Austin has to offer.

Not only will your body thank you, your spirit soar, but… those aforementioned gym junkies?

Well, they’ll just be a distant memory.