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The Skincare Secret is Out – House of Preservation is Austin’s New Med Spa Sanctuary

It's time to book an award-winning facial at this sophisticated new spa

House of Preservation founders: Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland

We love a luxurious spa sanctuary. A little pampering, a little rejuvenation, and a little refresh of a skincare routine. We were delighted to visit House of Preservation recently to indulge in a much-needed facial to help revive tired skin cells that are simply quite exhausted by the sweat and sun of this terribly hot summer.

We have to admit that our expectations were high, given that House of Preservation (HOP) is an incredibly popular brand that originates from Dallas, and was dubbed “#1 Best Med Spa in Dallas” by D Magazine. HOP was also just recently awarded “Best Facial” in Austin Monthly‘s Best of ATX Health and Wellness category. Known for their focus on prevention and restoration, House of Preservation has been a desired hot spot for clients to indulge in a customized facial, and treat a multitude of skin concerns. 

What we didn’t expect was to feel like we had just found a skin savior. Nor did we anticipate the impluse to immediately call our best friends post-facial with the ‘hot tip” that we just found a true gem. We felt compelled to recommend that our closest pals book appointments before this med spa gets ridiculously popular in Austin (which might already be too late).

House of Preservation – Austin location with founders, Brittany and Riley

Founders and best friends Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland found themselves unsatisfied with their corporate jobs, and both decided to pursue their passion skincare and beauty by enrolling in esthetician and laser school in 2016. It was also then that they launched their blog as a platform to educate readers on a variety of skincare topics. Ricketts and Bland shared full-disclosure tips and tricks on their blog and Instagram account, which sparked a huge following and a buzzworthy name for their brand. Following graduation, both landed jobs in a med spa to learn the business from the ground up. In 2019, Ricketts and Bland opened their first med spa location in Dallas, Texas. In March of 2023, they expanded to Austin, centrally-located at 815 W 47th Street.

inside the House of Preservation – Austin location

What makes House of Preservation so unique?

A quick scroll through the brand’s sexy Instagram feed, you’ll find photos of the fabulous and glamorous founding friends, featured florals, luxurious light fixtures, and a sophisticated aesthetic. There is an embodiment of confidence in this brand that is so alluring.

House of Preservation Austin location

Walking into House of Preservation, you’ll find a very relaxing and refined space. The floral arrangements and chandelier are opulent and lavish, yet help instantly transport you out of your day-to-day and into a posh and polished place. The interior offers a very minimal, cream-colored monotone design that highlights natural materials such as limestone and plastered archways. It’s entirely calm.

Minimalist design and fresh florals in House of Preservation

Award-winning facial

We suspect that everyone at HOP is skilled and trained to provide the very best services, however our only experience thus far was having a facial from the amazing aesthetician, Tristian Johnston, a total expert who specializes in lymphatic drainage. Her customized facial was a dream. Not only was it relaxing, but the results were fantastic. Skin was less puffy, glowing, and so well-hydrated.

House of Preservation (photo courtesy of Tristian Johnston’s Instagram)

HOP strives to ensure that each facial is customized, noting that it’s not a not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Your facial will be tailored to your needs, concerns and goals, using different products and techniques for your unique skin type. All facial appointments do include LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage massage and chemical exfoliation.

Founders, Brittany and Riley launching STEP ONE

What’s next for the House of Preservation brand?

Ricketts and Bland have recently launched their first facial product: STEP ONE. Based on the Korean method of double-cleansing, an oil cleanser is used prior to a regular cleanser to melt away all traces of makeup and impurities. This allows the regular cleanser be more effective. STEP ONE is made with a blend of oils, including a focus on grapeseed oil. This is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The formula also contains a high amount of omega fatty acids and vitamin E. This helps with dryness and skin elasticity. You can learn more about the product and order online or pick up in the med spa.

More skincare tips online

As a brand that began digitally, you can still count on expert advice from Ricketts and Bland on their website. Some standout reads right now as we transition from sundrenched summer skin to fall include:

For more information or to book an appointment, visit or follow along on Instagram @houseofpreservation.