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TRIBEZA’s Spring Wellness Guide

Prep for spring with these eight wellness brands that will get you glowing from the inside out

photo courtesy of ALIGN Pilates

Austin is a city booming with fitness trends, old and new. Kickstart your spring season with a new healthy habit. Whether that be finding a fitness routine like Barre or Pilates, or prioritizing your mental health with psychotherapy, you’ll find eight motivating tips, tricks, workouts, and more in our Spring Wellness Guide.

photo courtesy of Britsbarre

Britsbarre Virtual Studio

The Britsbarre Virtual Studio is a health and wellness platform designed to empower and uplift busy women through effective, beat-based workouts in under 30 minutes. The founder, Brit Shimansky (@britsbarre), has helped clients worldwide get in the best shape of their lives with her muscle-defining barre classes. A former professional ballerina and celebrity trainer in New York City, Brit is an Austin-based toddler mom who is passionate about supporting women through movement so they feel strong, energized, and boldly confident in their daily lives. First month free at with code TRIBEZA

DIY Home Barre Move: “Foldover” 
Strengthens and sculpts glutes and hamstrings

1. Place your hands on a stable surface and step your feet back underneath your hips.
2. Extend your right leg straight behind you. 
3. Lift and lower your straight leg for 1 minute. Repeat on left side. Aim for 2-3 rounds.

photo courtesy of Greenbelt Dental Health

Greenbelt Dental Health

Greenbelt Dental Health provides Austin with the highest quality dentistry. By taking a modern, holistic approach to dental care, they work with you to better understand any oral issues or cosmetic concerns to provide a pathway to healthier teeth, gums and smiles. Your comprehensive examination by Dr. Christopher Naranjo will cover your medical history, health habits, nutrition, and your overall goal for your dental and oral health. Then, using modern techniques and the latest technology, they offer best-in-class care while passing along knowledge to educate their patients on how to keep their teeth clean and improve their overall health. 

photo courtesy of ALIGN Pilates

ALIGN Pilates Studios 

Welcome to ALIGN, a community dedicated to helping you lead a healthier and stronger life. ALIGN is more than a Pilates studio, it is a place where you can feel supported and empowered on your wellness journey. Their experienced and knowledgeable instructors lead cutting-edge Pilates classes and offer private Pilates instruction to help you improve your mind-body connection and reach your goals. ALIGN has two studios that reflect Austin’s welcoming spirit, and they’re proud to be deeply rooted in the local community. No matter your level of experience, their friendly and supportive atmosphere will make you feel at home. Join ALIGN and discover the joy of movement, the power of Pilates, and the strength of community. 

photo courtesy of Moving Parts Psychotherapy

Moving Parts Psychotherapy

Moving Parts Psychotherapy is a group therapy practice located in South Austin, TX. Renowned trauma therapist, author, and practice owner Ilyse Kennedy, LPC, LMFT, SEP, PMH-C began Moving Parts in response to the growing need for quality trauma recovery with a social justice-informed lens. Their clinicians use research-backed trauma modalities such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Experiencing, with a relational and safety-minded approach, to aid in full system healing. They see individuals, couples, and families, and work with children through adults. Healing one person at a time creates healing for a more trauma-informed world.

photo courtesy of IVitamin


Discover unparalleled wellness with IVitamin, Austin’s premier IV hydration lounge. Our bespoke infusions, crafted by our top pharmacist, offer rapid rejuvenation for the discerning elite. From combating fatigue to enhancing recovery, our luxurious treatments are the secret to sustained vitality and peak performance. Elevate your health, effortlessly.

photo courtesy of Rooted Femme

Rooted Femme

Rooted Femme is a whole body, whole person healthcare experience providing primary care medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, medical weight loss, injectables, lasers, skin care, hair growth restoration, and more. Dr. Brooke Stubbs caters services to your individual needs, focusing on building healthy habits for a holistic, sustainable sense of well-being.

photo courtesy of SUGARED + BRONZED


SUGARED + BRONZED’s best-selling all-natural Hocoba Oil is a nourishing and luxurious moisturizer for all skin types. It can be purchased at their store on 2nd St. or online at

photo courtesy of LePA European Esthetics

LePA European Esthetics – Boutique Skin Spa

LePA European Esthetics is Austin’s home for authentic European skin care. Founded in 2008 by Manja Hossa, a Slovenian master-level esthetician with over 25 years of experience. LePA offers a variety of highly effective facial treatments that are customized based on your skin needs. Discover lasting results the European way!