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The Wondercide Story: How Love for a Dog Built a Company That Protects Families

Determined to save the life of her beloved dog Luna, Stephanie Boone created safe, plant-based pest protection

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A dog can bring us love, joy, companionship and, in this extraordinary case, life-changing inspiration.

Wondercide founder and CEO Stephanie Boone started the Austin-based pest protection company after her beloved dog Luna suffered from pesticide poisoning caused by  commonly prescribed flea-and-tick medication and quarterly pest control services. Several vets recommended euthanasia but putting Luna down was not an option for Boone. She began to search for a solution that would save Luna’s life and keep her free of pests.

“I started researching and learned that Luna’s story was not unique,” Boone says. “So many animals and humans suffer from pesticide exposure. We put these products on ourselves, our pets and around our homes and lawns, all in an effort to protect the ones we love.”

Boone’s hunt for a safe solution on the market came up short, so she made the bold move to quit her job as a real estate tax consultant and develop one herself. 

“Through a process of discovery and ingredient research, I nursed Luna back to health and founded Wondercide,” Boone says. “With fierce love for her and families everywhere, my life’s purpose became clear – innovate natural pest protection that’s truly safe and equally effective so that other families would never have to experience the compromise that we did.” 

Luna and Boone had six more years together. During that time, Wondercide grew from a makeshift lab in Boone’s garage to an innovative industry leader. On the day Luna passed away Boone recalls an extraordinary turn of events: I got a call from the producers of Shark Tank inviting us to be on the show. Grieving the loss of Luna, pregnant with my first child at 39 and the CEO of a rapidly-growing company, I had a lot going on. But nothing was going to stop this mom on a mission.” 

In 2016, Stephanie appeared on ABC’s business competition, where she earned the highest valuation for a female-run company in the show’s history and a $500,000 offer from Lori Greiner. She accepted on air but was brave enough to walk away from the deal because she knew it was better for the company in the long run.

Since 2009, over 882,000 families have been protected by Wondercide. Luna’s legacy lives on, thanks to Boone’s bold and brave decisions – and an unrelenting determination to make the world a safer place for kids, pets and all types of families. 

Like many Austin residents, Boone now spends more time at home and outside with her pack, which now includes two kids and a puppy named Roe. Whether they’re playing in the yard or safely exploring the city on hikes, neighborhood walks or open park trails, Boone knows they’re safe from pests and harmful chemicals. 

A couple of Boone’s must-haves include:

Insect Repellent

Whether in the backyard or on a hike, it’s important to prep for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other flying, biting and crawling pests. Boone sprays everyone in the family, including Roe, with Wondercide before they head out. She keeps a bottle in her bag for on-the-go adventures and likes to switch up the scents. Wondercide Insect Repellent comes in fresh Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Outdoor Pest Control

Boone’s yard has become the family hangout spot these last few months. Whether throwing the ball with Roe or enjoying a meal with her kiddos, they can enjoy time together without annoying bug battles. The whole family can be outdoors, even when Wondercide is applied in the yard, because the formula offers safe, plant-based protection against insects like mosquitoes, gnats, ants, fleas and ticks.

Austinites love their city, the outdoors, and the environment, so Boone hopes Wondercide can play a part in protecting families while they enjoy the best of what this city has to offer.” 

As you explore better food, skincare, suncare, and other healthier products,” she says, “consider switching to better-for-you bug spray, too.”

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