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Revel in a Vibrant Celebration of Street Art at Austin’s West Chelsea Contemporary

WCC gallery hosts its fourth annual 'Concrete to Canvas" exhibit

Concrete to Canvas
'Concrete to Canvas' Street Art Exhibition (photo courtesy of WCC)

Pop into Austin’s world-class art gallery this month to view a colorful celebration of artists from the graffiti and street art moments. With vibrant works featuring contemplative statements and larger-than-life elements, the gallery’s fourth annual Concrete to Canvas exhibit highlights the mastery of contemporary artists who have flourished in this urban art form throughout the decades.

Concrete to Canvas
‘Concrete to Canvas’ Exhibition (photo courtesy of WCC)

This expansive exhibit at West Chelsea Contemporary invites you to take an inside look at the early days of graffiti and street art when the art form first began as a relatable, honest, accessible, and thought-provoking medium, often with a political message. While you’d typically appreciate such works on city walls, bridges, basketball courts, tunnels, etc., this impressive collection in this downtown Austin gallery space is a truly an exciting experience for lovers of pop culture, hip hop, and contemporary art.

‘Concrete to Canvas’ Exhibition (photo courtesy of WCC)

As noted on the WCC website, “Graffiti and Street Art are more than just movements. They call to you. They invite you in. They don’t just challenge you to think; Graffiti and Street Art ask you to tear down only to rebuild, obstruct the old only to reconstruct something new. This exhibition is no different.”

The exhibit showcases how graffiti evolved from walls and subway cars into intricate pieces such as commissioned paintings, prints, even toys and fashion collaborations. The exhibit dives deep into how street art was so closely intertwined with fine art, politics, hip-hop and more. 

Concrete to Canvas
‘Concrete to Canvas” Street Art Exhibit (photo courtesy of WCC)

This curated collection features renowned, risk-taking artists such as Blek le Rat, Cey Adams, LadyPink, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Richard Hambleton, Vhils, Swoon, PhoebeNewYork, and many more. You’ll find works by over fifty artists spanning across four decades.

Admission to the gallery and the exhibition is free and open to the public. Concrete to Canvas is on view through September 17, 2023. You can also book a private tour and view the exhibition catalog before you go.

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Concrete to Canvas
‘Concrete to Canvas’ Street Art Exhibition (photo courtesy of WCC)

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