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‘Muraling Austin’ Docu-Series to Premiere on Austin PBS

Launching on March 24, the program will share the work of artists like Shepard Fairey, Ruben Esquivel, Zuzu and more

Muraling Austin, a docu-series chronicling some of Austin’s most defining public murals and the artists and activists who made them, will launch on Austin PBS on Friday, March 24.

The three-part series is presented by Nelda Studios, an Austin-based company on a mission to share the work of local artists and nurture their imagination and creativity. Muraling Austin will profile many creatives, including Shepard Fairey, Ruben Esquivel, Zuzu, Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch and more.

Artist Ruben Esquivel stands in front of Protectors of the Red Bluff, his Bolm Road mural. The mural pays homage to his uncles and community activists, Raymond, Pete and Gilbert Rivera, for their work to protect the natural environment of the Red Bluff area and designate it as a nature preserve.

“We are excited to launch a series that celebrates the phenomenal public art in Austin. As supporters of Austin’s creative community, we were drawn to the incredible and moving stories behind these murals and the artists who created them,” says Nelda Buckman, founder of Nelda Studios and executive producer of Muraling Austin. “There’s no better partner for this project than Austin PBS, a highly respected community voice that has reflected the pulse of Austin for over 60 years.”

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Murals featured in the series celebrate inspiring individuals such as Frida Kahlo and Angela Davis. The pieces of art also honor integral moments of history, like the passage of the 19th Amendment and the Austin Black Senators baseball team, as well as showing how spaces like the Rosewood Park and The Pan American Center have been transformed.

In Reconnect Yourself, artist NIZ created a mirror image of a young woman – one part representing the physical self and the other the spiritual self. Found along the South Lamar Underpass, the mural was part of the “Be Well” campaign to share uplifting messages about mental health during the pandemic.

The first episode, “Pride of Place,” will launch at 7:30 p.m. on March 24. Episode two, “Women Rising,” will air the following Friday, March 31, and the series will wrap with “Big, Bright & Bold,” on Friday, April 7. After airing, the docu-series will be available to stream on the Austin PBS app.

“Muraling has been a powerful form of human expression for tens of thousands of years,” says Natasha Davison, director and producer of Muraling Austin. “Austin has its own rich history of murals and a vibrant community of artists and organizers that go along with that. This three-part series brings to light the people and the stories behind some of Austin’s most compelling mural art.”

Located on the garage of the Bouldin Commons office complex, Virtual Hike by Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch references the history, topography, rocks and vegetation of the area’s land. Once known as Austin’s Enchanted Forest, a famed gathering spot for local artists and creatives, the land was originally inhabited by Native Americans.

Viewers can experience an inside look at some of Austin’s most expressive and impactful public art through the eyes of Muraling Austin. For more information, visit the Muraling Austin website.

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