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Museum of Illusions Opens at The Domain

With more than 70 captivating and interactive exhibits, the new space will mesmerize and educate guests on the complexities of the human mind

The Museum of Illusions has opened its doors at The Domain, and it’s shattering assumptions for what fun in the north Austin shopping destination can be. 

Located near the canopy-covered lawn in the center of Amy Donovan Plaza, the new museum eagerly awaits curious guests looking to bend their perception of reality.

Designed as an interactive locale for all ages, don’t expect to sniff out the trick behind each illusion so easily. Placards are placed near each exhibit to explain what guests are experiencing, yet their minds may still be stumped as they continue through the space.

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“The museum is designed to take guests on an unconventional, interactive journey into a world of illusions that many have never seen before,” says Subhi Gharbieh, Managing Partner of Beyond Entertainment Group.

The 6,200-square-foot museum is home to more than 70 exhibits of illusion rooms, 3-D holograms and more immersive experiences to trick guests’ minds as they make their way through the building. The museum boasts more than 40 locations across 25 countries and opened its concept in Austin on March 18.

The first illusion is the space itself. Looking as if it only occupies a standard retail space, there’s more to the museum as you turn each corner. You may expect to find yourself back where you started, but every nook expands into immersive illusion rooms that slowly chip away at your expectations for the museum’s size.

The first illusion room holds the photo-worthy infinity mirror, in which viewers are surrounded by an army of themselves and their friends in their reflections. Move through and swap body parts with your friends as you navigate between a row of mirrors. Then, head to an illusion room where you grow or shrink depending on where you stand.

Guests will also find a familiar sight literally flipped on its head in a reproduction of the iconic “I Love You So Much” mural. Amy Cook, the local artist behind the green wall, collaborated with the museum to bring her work into their “building illusion.”

“Working with Amy and her management team has been an absolute pleasure,” adds Gharbieh. “We are extremely excited to bring her art into our space.”

Past even more mind-bending pieces, The Vortex Tunnel will turn your perspective on its head and warrant multiple trips as the stand-out experience inside the museum. Attendees might think they’ll proceed through easily, but ultimately will come out on the other side with their world flipped upside down.

That sentiment extends to the entire experience, as guests will surely become a fan of the mind-bending antics of the Museum of Illusions, eager to bring their friends back to twist their reality as well.

The Museum of Illusions is located at 11010 Domain Dr. #100, and tickets are now available.

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