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Austin’s Hot Girl Golf Club Is Empowering Women One Swing at a Time

How the all-female golf collective is changing the game

Hot Girl Golf Club ladies on the golf course in Austin
Having a blast in Austin on the golf course with Hot Girl Golf (photo by Eleanor Lee)

Traditionally, the greens have been the domain of men, with diversity a rarity on manicured golf courses, but the landscape is shifting. The once-exclusive boys’ club is undergoing a seismic transformation, and at the forefront of this revolution stands Eleanor Lee of Hot Girl Golf.

Lee has cultivated a nurturing environment for women who are eager to embrace the timeless game of golf. Inspired by her grandmother’s profound love for the competitive pastime, Lee channels her passion for the sport into empowering women through Hot Girl Golf, a club dedicated to welcoming newcomers to the sport. 

Hot Girl Golf group at Butler Pitch n’ Putt (photo by Eleanor Lee)

For the Love of the Game

Upon inheriting her grandmother’s golf clubs following her passing, Lee felt compelled to explore the sport that had brought her role model so much joy. However, confronted with the daunting reality of lacking connections and guidance, she had to forge her own path forward. Stepping onto the fairway, a woman’s presence is often met with unwanted attention, which quickly overshadows the joy of the game.

“It is uncomfortable for women sometimes to go and play on the course,” explains Lee. 

The steep financial investment, coupled with a lack of camaraderie and familiarity, further compounds the challenge, but Hot Girl Golf refuses to let these obstacles stand in their way.

Empowering women on the golf course. (photo by Eleanor Lee)

The Birth of Hot Girl Golf

After realizing she wasn’t alone in her pursuit of learning the game, Lee took the first step of her journey by hosting meet-ups.

“I started it with a few driving range meetups on the Sweatpals app,” says Lee. “I think our first meetup had 10 girls, which for me, was huge.” 

Hot Girl Golf Club
Hot Girl Golf Club – Ladies Night at Butler Pitch n’ Putt ( photo by Eleanor Lee)

From that pivotal moment, the group’s momentum surged. Through the power of social media, and enthusiastic word-of-mouth conversations, Hot Girl Golf swiftly gained traction. From beginners who have never played at all, to those that may know a thing or two, all are welcome. Acknowledging the financial constraints many face when pursuing a new hobby, Lee is steadfast in her commitment to removing barriers.

“I always have golf clubs for people to borrow at every single event, non-negotiable,” she affirms. “I want it to be accessible for everyone. It’s something I’m thinking about for every single event.”

Fun on the golf course. (photo by Eleanor Lee)

Continuing to Change the Course

The club aims to hold events once a month, ranging from scramble tournaments to driving range sessions, technical clinics, and explorations of various courses. Many friendships have blossomed within the club, providing opportunities for girls to connect with others who share their interests, even if they initially arrive solo. 

“The club is a meeting base and a resource for girls to make connections so that they can learn and play outside of the club,” says Lee. “I just want them to have a safe space.”

The organization is poised for expansion, having recently launched a new chapter in Miami and with plans for pop-up events across Texas on the horizon. Lee’s success underscores the vital significance of representation and empowerment in sports and paves the way for the next generation of female athletes.

Fun on the golf cart
Having a blast in the golf cart with Hot Girl Golf (photo by Eleanor Lee)

Learn about how you can join the club and learn more about meet-ups at