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Nearby ATX Helps Austinites Connect with Local Brands and Support Small Businesses

The online marketplace makes it easier than ever for shoppers to buy local and support Austin stores

In the current world where giant companies offer quick ways to do shopping online, local businesses tend to be left behind. While people want to shop at their local stores, it just isn’t as easy. Or so they thought.

Nearby ATX is the revolutionary website that is challenging this notion and bringing the convenience we associate with big name brands like Amazon to local Austin shops.

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It works by accumulating a diverse selection of inventories from different Austin-based businesses to create one hyperlocal marketplace. Since launching this summer, the site now sells products from over 40 Austin-based shops and makers with more joining every week. Whether you want coffee from Cuvee Coffee Bar, camping supplies from Greenbelt Outdoors or artwork from an independent artist, you can add anything and everything you want to your shopping cart and get your items delivered to your door together. For those who live outside of Austin, Nearby ATX can also ship orders nationwide.

Here’s how the delivery is carried out: Each morning Nearby ATX runs a pickup route to collect all orders from the various shops represented on their site. Once items are picked up, they are brought back to the brand’s Fulfillment Center so orders can be consolidated and packed up. By the afternoon, deliveries are sent right to the doors of shoppers. Orders from outside Austin will be sent for shipping. The instant nature of the Nearby ATX process makes it so Austinites can fully rely on local businesses for their needed goods and not look to megastores as the quicker or easier option.

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Growing the roster of Nearby ATX is not difficult either. Whether a business wants to be added, or if an Austinite wants to nominate their favorite business, a simple form can be filled out on to get results fast. Eventually the vision is to expand to the point that every shop in Austin is a part of the site. Nearby ATX will especially be working to add as many shops as possible before the holiday season, giving consumers a wide range of options for gifts this year with a special touch of Austin.

Discover great Austin brands with ease like Greenbelt Outdoors and Amanda Deer Jewelry.

The drive behind creating Nearby ATX came from the desire to support the community while also recognizing why consumers tend to shop from huge companies. Representative Brett Rounsaville shared the importance of supporting local shops, stating “It’s the mom and pop shops that keep Austin vibrant! Keeping our local stores in business benefits everyone. What would SoCo be without Allen’s Boots, Limbo Jewelry, Monkey See, Monkey Do, Big Top, Lucy in the Disguise? They all make Austin unique! But beyond that, the shop owners know both their customers and their products in a way that giant online retailers never will and that all translates into better service. These local retailers know what the Austin community wants — because they are a part of the community themselves!”

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More than adding a convenient way to shop, Nearby ATX is setting out to keep alive the spirit of Austin at a time when, more and more, the new is replacing the old.