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Elite Austin Transforms Homes with Staging and Furniture Rental Services

In a fast-paced real estate market, Elite Austin offers fast, turnkey furniture solutions to buyers sellers and realtors

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Whether you’re selling or buying a home, furnishing the space can be a challenge. But renting or purchasing a furniture and home decor package from staging and design firm Elite Austin not only makes that process effortless but also provides stunning design results. Sellers can use Elite Austin’s staging solution to help sell their home quickly, and buyers can rent or even purchase the furnishings and move into a turnkey home.

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We’ve all had the experience of viewing a home and becoming enamored with not just the home itself but the existing design aesthetic and furniture. Buyers who purchase homes from clients using Elite Austin’s furnishing services find themselves in a lucky position, as they’re able to continue renting the furniture, either temporarily while transitioning or long term. Plus, if homebuyers find themselves in love with any (or all) of the chic furniture Elite Austin provides, they can easily purchase directly from the company.

In other words, if a potential buyer falls in love with the house as well as the gorgeous mid-century sofa, they can easily have both, without waiting through long lead times or order delays. “All of the furniture in the staged home — including major pieces as well as decor, rugs, and artwork — is available to purchase or to rent temporarily while the buyer is waiting for their furniture to come in,” Elite Austin founder and president Valerie Pierce says. The service also provides an opportunity to try out furniture before committing.

In recent months, global supply chains have been taxed, resulting in “long lead times and shipping delays,” Pierce says. “And it’s going to continue into 2022 — we don’t see an end in sight when furniture is going to stop being expensive and delayed.” That has put a burden on those hoping to acquire furniture quickly for staging a home for sale or furnishing a newly purchased home.

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However, Elite Austin has a fully stocked warehouse of designer curated furnishings that can be perfectly suited to a home of any size or style. Renting furniture from Elite Austin allows clients to slowly and thoughtfully acquire furniture without having to stretch a budget or rush to fill the home as soon as they move in.

Buyers moving from long distances or into a much larger space can find particular benefit from Elite Austin’s services. “We have people contact us because they’re moving from out of state or want to simply redecorate and can’t get their items here for months, or because they’re starting completely from scratch,” says Pierce. “They need something instant.” Instead of an empty space demanding attention, they find a fully furnished space — in short, not just a house but a home.

This ability to transition seamlessly particularly aids investors purchasing homes for either short term or long term rentals. Without any hassle scheduling moving crews or acquiring new furnishings, an investor can go from closing on a home to renting it in a matter of days. With Elite Austin’s multifaceted applications, real estate agents find great benefit in using the company’s services or counseling both buyers and sellers to do so. Creating an opportunity for the buyer to move smoothly into a home without the logistical worry of furniture provides an added selling point. With access to a vast array of furniture styles — modern, contemporary, or transitional — Elite Austin helps sellers present the best possible version of their home by making any space feel updated and stylish.

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The complexities of homebuying involve a vast array of people along the way. Impressively, Elite Austin finds a way to appeal to each person at every stage of the process, evidence of the valuable and vital nature of the company’s staging and furniture rental services.