5 Charming Holiday Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostest

By Darcie Duttweiler and Carrie Crowe

If you can never last two seconds in their home before they offer you a snack (with a pressed serviette, naturally), the following items would definitely be welcome in their well-stocked abode.

Hostess Gifts: Eliana Bernard
No hostess is complete without a gorgeous tray to serve their famous cocktails or hors d’oeuvres on, and this bright and festive pink tiled one with gold accents is practically dripping in opulence. Photo by Katie Jameson Photography.
Hostess Gifts: Katie Kime
Hostess Gifts: Tawa Threads
Photo by Sanetra Longo
Hostess Gifts: VoChill
Photo by Cydney Cosette
Hostess Gifts: Noah Marion
You wouldn’t dare rest a glass on their table, so the gift of these luxurious-yet-sturdy leather coasters from Noah Marion is basically a gift to yourself. Photo by Philip Harder.

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