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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020: Andrée Chalaron and Amity Worrel

The pair love the resurgence of the 1970s, warm kitchens and maximalism

Amity Worrel, Andreé Chalaron

Andrée Chalaron and Amity Worrel come from the high-end world of New York design, working with A-list clientele and larger-than-life budgets, both with a distinctive eye and intuition that has made them highly sought-after in Austin. As other designers glean from minimalism, the pair at Amity Worrel & Co. are tried-and-true maximalists, seeking out a wide range of textures, colors and high- and low-end pieces to complete a home. An East Austin project, which is featured in Tribeza’s Interiors Tour 2020, includes murals from local artist Emily Eisenhart, CB2 seating, a 1970s marble coffee table, which is the star of the main living space, and a cleverly carved-out library.

We asked each of the designers on this year’s Interiors Tour to answer a series of questions about their personal style and aesthetic to get a deeper sense of their influences and what informs their design.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?
Eclectic, unpretentious and intuitive.

What’s your favorite album or musician to pull out for an impromptu dinner party?
Andrée: Nick Drake.
Amity: Bach cello music.

What’s TV show or film is most inspiring in terms of design?
Anything by Wes Anderson.

Roundtop, Brimfield or Marche Clignancourt?

What are three design trends you love right now?
The resurgence of the 1970s, warm kitchens and maximal interiors. 

Is there a design trend you’d like to see fade away?
Happy to be moving away from an overly bohemian aesthetic.

Flowers or succulents and what kind?
Andrée: Succulents. I’m not much of a fan of cut flowers but I do love peonies.
Amity: Ferns.

What’s your favorite insider design resource?
Any good custom furniture maker.

Where do you shop for interiors in Austin?
Nannie Inez.

What’s your current dream travel destination?
Andrée: Greece.
Amity: Mexico City.

What’s your all-time favorite hotel anywhere in the world?
Amity: The original Royalton from the early 1990s that Billie Stark designed.

What’s your local watering hole for a business drink?
Outside at Mattie’s.

What’s your favorite scent for the home?
Palo Santo.

What’s your current favorite coffee table book and why?
Amity: The Authentics: A Lush Dive into the Substance of Style by Dara Caponigro. It’s by the creative director at Schumaker.