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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020: Meeta Morrison

An “opportunistic shopper,” Morrison loves local furniture makers and far away destinations

Meeta Morrison

Interior Designer Meeta Morrison’s style is worldly and eclectic, influenced by her cross-continental childhood, her love of handmade furnishings and her professional experiences as a studio artist. It’s colorful, intriguing and effortless. Her home, a midcentury Bee Caves one-story that’s featured in Tribeza’s Interiors Tour 2020, is a shining example of the design work she does at Meeta Morrison Design with its thoughtful indoor/outdoor connections, plenty of natural light, mermaid-esque bathroom with blue-green Arciterra tile and vintage finds. Plus, the home has a 5-star green rating.

We asked each of the designers on this year’s Interiors Tour to answer a series of questions about their personal style and aesthetic to get a deeper sense of their influences and what informs their design.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?
My design philosophy is influenced by the way people live. I talk to my clients about their story and how they move throughout the day, what they do and what they enjoy. These are the things that influence the design.

What’s your favorite album or musician to pull out for an impromptu dinner party?
Bob Snyder.

What’s TV show or film is most inspiring in terms of design?
2006 film “The Fall” with Lee Pace.

Roundtop, Brimfield or Marche Clignancourt?
Roundtop but most of the time I get things at random flea markets. I’m an opportunistic shopper.

What are three design trends you love right now?
I love the movement toward bright, clean color, plants in the house and using local furniture makers and other artisans. 

Is there a design trend you’d like to see fade away?
Black and white.

Flowers or succulents and what kind?
Both. I worked for three years after college as a floral design manager at a flower shop in Durham, North Carolina.

What’s your favorite insider design resource?
Black Sheep Antiques and Arciterra.

Where do you shop for interiors in Austin?
I don’t necessarily think there’s one place that fits the bill for me. I like Khazana, the Renner Project and Blu Dot.

What’s your current dream travel destination?

What’s your all-time favorite hotel anywhere in the world?
The St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai.

What’s your local watering hole for a business drink?
The Roosevelt Room.

What’s your favorite scent for the home?
I’m allergic to perfume so I like my space unscented.

What’s your current favorite coffee table book and why?
Anything by Donald Judd. I love his clean lines, connection details and minimal composition.