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Meet Meredith Owen, Austin-Area Design Expert

From floor plans to finishing touches, Meredith Owen's process focuses on the art of collaboration

Some discover their callings in college; others, in their careers. For Meredith Owen, it was in fifth grade for a class project. Her family had just purchased an older home and had begun updating its interiors. Inspired by this process, she wrote a paper about the profession for a career assignment, and from there, she was hooked.

After taking an interior design class in high school, Owen knew she wanted to pursue the craft professionally and chose a school with an excellent interior design program, Texas State University. From there, she got a job as the assistant to a high-end Austin interior designer, with whom she worked for many years before starting her own firm.


Window-lined dining nook in modern home designed by Meredith Owen Interiors

Living Room

Modern living room feature fireplace and upscale furniture


Upscale modern bedroom with abundant natural light

Her career has been complemented by incredible colleagues: her first boss, her architect husband with whom she often works, and the six-person team she now leads at Meredith Owen Interiors. Her process is comprehensive and all-inclusive, from floor plans to finishing touches, and she understands naturally the art of collaboration. She does not characterize her work as belonging to a distinct style but instead recognizes its fluidity, dependent on the project and the client at hand.

Though Meredith Owen Interiors has now expanded beyond Austin, with projects in Port Aransas, Nashville, and Colorado, Owen tends to stick to her roots as an Austin-based designer. “People in Austin are so relaxed,” she explains. “We like to work with clients who can enjoy the process.”

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Owen knows interior design is a luxury not all can afford, so she is increasing efforts at accessibility by soon expanding her office to include a small showroom where individual and collections of bespoke items will be available for purchase. That way, those who enjoy her work can still take a piece home with them without having to purchase a full package. She’s always been drawn to the furniture and accessory element of interior design, so creating her own line of goods feels like a natural next step.

To read more about Meredith Owen and view a full portfolio of her work, visit her website.

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