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Alamo Drafthouse Serves Up New Dishes and Brings Back Old Favorites with the Invasion of their Mega Menu

Austin cinema unveils monster-sized menu including more vegan and vegetarian dishes and an expanded cocktail menu

Ever since the Pandemic and closure of several theaters, it’s safe to say the beloved local theater chain was riding in rough waters. “ paired the menu way back for the Pandemic,” Says Trish Eichelberger, VP of Food and Beverage at Alamo. “ We were experiencing a lot of supply chain issues, which I know people hear and think, ‘that’s a load of crap,’ but it’s really a thing.” As moviegoers, that effect was present once restrictions were lifted, and the vaccines allowed many to feel safe going out again. Alamo Drafthouse staples like their Fried Pickle Spears and the Blue Burger vanished. Austinites returned, but so much of why they came was missing. 

Revamped menu mixes new bites & familiar classics

Now, the sleeping movie giant is roaring awake with a bounty of new menu items mixed with fresh takes on beloved classics. Their popcorn kicks up the spice with jalapeno ranch seasoning, the fan-favorite Fried Pickle Spears return. Wings make their way back to the menu with three savory sauces to choose from: Buffalo, Really Hot Reaper, and Sweet Gochujang.

The blue burger is back from the dead with a spicy kick as the new Hellfire Burger. Melted hot pepper cheese, caramelized onion, blue cheese, garlic aioli, and the devilish reaper pepper mayo tell you this burger means business. Also, when brussels sprouts, goat cheese, and bacon come together to make a pizza, it’s bringing back more of that dining-out vs. take-out flavor we fell in love with at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Trish also brings in lighter, greener options with slices of Avocado Toast topped with cherry tomatoes for a bright and bold bite as well as the Alamo Bowl, a combination of brown rice, quinoa, roasted sweet potato, black beans, avocado, and pecans tossed with serrano-lime dressing. An Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich and a crispy Vegan Cauliflower Basket with buffalo sauce and vegan ranch also add a respite from the heavier flavors in this tasty invasion.

Then the cocktails crash the party. The cocktail list has received an extensive update with new libations. Spritzes and peach smashes bring a bit of buzz, and you can also indulge in delicious mocktail such as a strawberry, lemon and ginger highball, garnished with a cherry and a cute parasol for a splash of kitsch. 

Limited-time themed menus

This invasion promptly left us feeling excited about Alamo’s future, especially with Trish mentioning that as they keep up this stride, “we’re going to be able to have more frequent updates, have more limited time offers, and have more time to do things that actually make excited!” Alamo Drafthouse is already adding several special themed menus for select films such as BARBIE event screenings.

This menu invasion is far from the first, and we all need to prepare for our tastebuds to be perpetually rocked by new waves of catastrophically delicious dishes taking over the old menu and ushering in a new era for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. 

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