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Texas French Bread Through the Years

The bakery and bistro first opened on 34th and Guadalupe in 1981

Often overlooked as one of the city’s first (and still remaining) farm-to-table restaurants, Texas French Bread is more than a pioneer of artisan breads and pastries. In many ways, the Austin staple set the stage for several of the locally sourced menus we enjoy today, and we’re excited to see what the next 40 years hold for this longtime West Campus favorite.

After making fresh bread for a dinner party with the founders of Jeffrey’s, Judy Wilcott started TFB from her home kitchen, opening her first location on 34th and Guadalupe in 1981.
TFB once operated 11 busy bakery locations around Austin.
In recent years, Judy’s son Murph scaled the bakery empire back to its West Campus location, simultaneously expanding it from bakery and lunch destination to refined dinner bistro.

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