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Ask Kristin Armstrong: Advice on Life, Love and Wellness in Austin

Meet the specialist helping people through life transitions, relationships, parenting, and purpose -- and share your questions with her

Kristin Armstrong – large photo

Kristin Armstrong has been sharing personal insights with readers of TRIBEZA magazine for 20 years. Her writings have included captivating stories of love, well-being, motherhood, relationships, self-worth, finding courage and building confidence. Kristin’s stories have sparked inspiration for so many readers. This year, Kristin is opening up a dialogue with all of you!

To foster a greater sense of community and personal connection, Kristin is inviting you to submit your questions for her to provide thoughtful advice, guidance or encouragement.

What would you like to ask Kristin?

Submit your questions in the form below. A selection of questions and answers will be featured online and in future issues of TRIBEZA magazine.

All about Kristin Armstrong

Kristin Armstrong is the author of eight books including: Happily Ever After, Strength for the ClimbWork in Progress:  An Unfinished Woman’s Guide to Grace, Heart of my Heart, Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women RunTies that Bind and YES.  She is a regular columnist for TRIBEZA magazine and a regular contributor to Living Faith. Her freelance work has appeared in publications such as USA TodayGlamour, O – The Oprah Magazine, ParentsThe Huffington Post, and the Austin American-Statesman.  Her work has led to appearances on Oprah, The Rachel Ray Show, NPR, Good Morning America and The Today Show. Kristin went back to school alongside her kids and got a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and started her own company, Kristin Armstrong Consulting, where she specializes in helping people through life transition zones in career, relationships, parenting, and purpose. Her happy place is helping people find theirs.

Kristin has three amazing grown children and feathers a never-empty-nest in Austin, Texas and Santa Barbara, California.