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7 Austin Artists Discuss Passion, Creativity and Connection

We chat with Ryan Davis, Angélique Ferrão, Sari Shryack and more creatives about pursuing a career in the art world

Artist Eye View 2022

B. Shawn Cox

Centering much of his work around vintage photographs, B. Shawn Cox works to capture or interpret different moments throughout modern history. Paint, plaster, clay and anything else he can find laying around his house are often featured as part of his art.

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Ryan Davis

With artwork centered purely around paint, Ryan Davis is a University of Texas graduate. Deep and intentional, Davis is known for taking a unique and vibrant approach to artwork.

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Amanda Witucki

An artist with a focus on using paper as a medium, Amanda Witucki is also the founder of The Secret Prezzie Project, a social experiment/kindness project that launched in 2014. She is also known for combining precision and repetition with color throughout her unique pieces.

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Alex Parker

Proud to produce unique art and photography, Alex Parker is known for stepping outside the box and creating her own trends with a focus on photography, video and tattoo art.

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Sari Shryack

An oil acrylic painter and a graduate of Drury University with a degree in Fine Arts, Sari Shryack is known for producing colorful paintings. Different subjects and techniques are featured throughout her portfolio, including landscape, still life, portraits, disco balls and memes.

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Angélique Ferrão

Angélique Ferrão first pursued art after immigrating to New York City at age 15 and working multiple jobs while attending school. While art was once just a hobby, she says the death of George Floyd in 2020 compelled her to quit her job and start a portrait series centered around the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Darvin Jones

Specializing in murals and artistic wall finishes, Darvin Jones has more than 20 years of experience in producing custom work. Working in-depth with each client, Jones takes a personable approach with each client, focusing on everything from inception to actualization, while combining new techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

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