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Need Running Gear and Live Music? Head to Clubhouse Outfitters

Where Jogging and Jamming Come Together

The perfect run requires two things: the right gear and the right music. Clubhouse Outfitters, inspired by owner Will von Rosenberg’s own long runs, showcases an innovative concept — a running retail store and a music venue, rolled into one.

Live Music Meets Running Apparel

The juxtaposition of the two objectives is apparent as soon as you step inside the house built in 1910 on West 6th Street.

The main retail area boasts a black-and-white checkered floor and a vintage record player. The funky space feels homey, like hanging out at a friend’s house, rather than shopping at an impersonal technical clothing store.

On any given day in the back room, you may also find a group of friends drinking beer and jamming out. It might even be an impromptu performance by Not Brothers, featuring von Rosenberg on guitar.

Dreaming Of Making More Than Money

von Rosenberg grew up in Austin but left to attend Texas Tech in Lubbock.

In his late twenties, he found himself chasing land deals in Midland. The money was good, but he was burnt out. He was dreaming of happier days in Austin and making music with friends.

Before he knew it, he’d been in Midland for five years. von Rosenberg realized he needed to make a change, starting with getting back to his Austin roots.

He left everything in Midland — the deals, his house — and moved back to Austin into a small apartment on South 1st Street.

“I knew I wanted to start something else that mattered, something that meant more than trying to get rich,” says von Rosenberg.

“I started running a lot and would come home from runs with all of these ideas.”

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A Runner’s High Inspires Better Apparel

Amid a runner’s high one day, he realized that there was an opportunity to make running shorts that were better than what was available at the time.

“There were a couple brands that I liked,” von Rosenberg said, “I was like, I’ll take some aspects of those two brands and make my own.”

That was in 2017. Since then, the brand has evolved significantly.

von Rosenberg found people in Austin that helped him with design and logistics. He started ordering larger quantities of his clothing to sell online and in local shops like Austin Tri Cyclist.

He was finally ready to bring it to the next level by opening a community hub where lovers of running and music could meet to start runs or jam sessions.

Going a Mile Deep To Create Community

He signed the lease for his current space in February 2020 — and then COVID shut the city down.

It’s been a work in progress since then, trying to optimize the space for retail and drive more foot traffic. Clubhouse Outfitters recently hosted several community events, with plans for several more.

Its branded clothing, which blends style and functionality, is rapidly permeating the running community.

“I’m trying to go a mile deep in Austin rather than an inch deep everywhere,” says von Rosenberg. “I want Clubhouse to be a hub for runners, musicians, podcasters and active people in general.”

With so many lovers of running and entertainment here in Austin, Clubhouse Outfitters is certainly in the right city. Swing by for inspiration to live a more active and creative life — and for a community that will help you along the way.

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