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Four Hands Creative Director Adam Dunn Shares Home Office Inspiration

Get inspired so you can get to work at home

Most Austinites are now working from home as the city joins much of the country under a shelter in place directive from local officials as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

Whether you’re set up at a kitchen counter or the dining room table, the key to making an ideal home office is to create a space that fits your style and will inspire you to be productive.

Adam Dunn, creative director of Austin-based furniture retailer Four Hands, shared advice on how to design a chic yet comfortable home office that you’ll actually want to work in.

“Creating a home workspace that is uniquely personal can inspire productivity, blossom imagination and ultimately be a place that is exciting to be in,” says Dunn. “When designing these spaces, it’s important to experiment and have fun with it. Balancing different textures, tones, and materials is key to creating a workspace that establishes order, while still infusing vigor, calm and clarity.”

Dunn shared six home office tips and looks that will help you get down to business for the duration of your WFH experience and beyond:

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Look #1 Coastal Cool

“Mixed, organic materials and bright color pops keep spirits high and creativity in motion,” Dunn says. “Here, the whitewashed Palma Desk sets a light, coastal pace, while the Bryson Desk Chair works in color and texture. Layering in a piece of statement art with a positive message makes for motivational fuel.”

Look #2 Modern Industrial

“As productivity soars in personalized workspaces, the Shadow Box Desk allows for the displaying of photos, concert stubs, and other treasures, while its matte black iron emits an industrial air,” Dunn says.

Look #3 Comfortable Modernist

“Simple and sophisticated, minimalist styling and metal accents make for a masculine-leaning look with a subtle edge,” Dunn says. “With its unique linear carving, the Kelby Writing Desk fashions an artisan feel, while a round area rug plays with shaping.” 

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Look #4 Natural Niceties

“Hit ‘refresh’ and breathe new life into your workspace,” Dunn says. “Mixing in fresh greenery, textural organics, and fun color pops can shift the mood of a space, morphing it into something new and promising.”

Look #5 Retro Revisit

“Starting anew and getting into new grooves can bring a strong sense of nostalgia, and approaching style with retro cultures which preceded and shaped us, can challenge your mind and change your perspective,” Dunn says. “By placing your own whimsically modern twists on timeless style, bringing a newness into a space filled with memory can bridge memory and imagination.”

Look #6 Industrial Chic

“Looking to texture and material to nurture and inspire, implementing luminous hues with cool concretes, woven wickers and raw aluminum can bring a congruous balance of backdrop and mood,” Dunn says.

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Customers can shop these looks and more here.

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