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Lakeway Modern Farmhouse Celebrates Chic Design by Raquel Skrobarczyk

The Heather Scott Home & Design principal designer worked with repeat clients to create a neutral color scheme with timeless touches

By Liz Harroun
Photos courtesy of Avery Nicole Photography

Heather Scott Home & Design is an award-winning firm with over 15 years of residential and commercial experience. With founders Heather and Scott Harkovich now more involved with the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, they rely on their Austin team to maintain the success of the original location where it all began.

This amazing team includes Raquel Skrobarczyk, who has been a rock star from day one. During Raquel’s first year with the firm, she was selected as a finalist for HGTV’s ‘Fresh Faces of Design’ Award for her marvelous design of an Austin boutique. She now is an owner and principal designer who leads many of the Austin projects.

One recent example of Raquel’s work is a home in Lakeway she designed for a couple who are repeat clients. Because Raquel had already worked with them on a few other projects, she had already established a great relationship with them as well as a familiarity with their personal aesthetic.

“They wanted to make this home feel timeless and create a serene atmosphere,” says Raquel. “Both having busy jobs and schedules, I believe it is so important to make your home a sanctuary and a place you can rest and recharge with your loved ones.”

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The architectural style of the home is that of a modern farmhouse, and the goal was to add in personal touches and details to tailor it to the clients. Raquel was brought in at the very beginning of the project, which is ideal because it facilitated her involvement in initial conversations around the construction.

“Being able to be involved in the construction element decisions allows the entire project to fall seamlessly together with all the furnishings and decor.” Because Heather Scott Home focuses on full-scale design, they excel when they are able to finalize the construction selections — think tile, countertops and paint — before diving into furnishings and decor. “We will order and procure every item for your home to take all the stress out of the process and give you a beautiful home in the end,” says Raquel. “Each detail is intentionally planned with our clients in mind and thoughtfully chosen for its purpose and beauty.”

All catered toward these specific clients’ preferences, Raquel stuck to a more neutral color scheme within their new Lakeway home, predominantly using shades of black and white. To add some character, she incorporated a variety of textures and materials around the house, including velvet, linen, bouclé and wood.

From start to finish, the whole process took about two years, and everyone was thrilled with the final result. The home is sleek yet comfortable, with luxurious touches throughout.

“The final walk through when the client gets to finally see the space complete is one of my favorite things about the entire process,” says Raquel. “Finally seeing all the ideas come to life and knowing your client is going to have a home tailored to their lifestyle is so fulfilling.” These clients were clearly happy with their Lakeway home, because they hired Raquel and team to start on their California vacation home shortly after it was complete.

“With this home, we are taking a completely different approach with a more coastal aesthetic,” says Raquel. “But we are always in line with our ‘classic, chic and serene’ aesthetic. I love having the opportunity to work on different styles of homes to really keep me on my feet!”

It’s thoughtful firms and designers like these, who are truly passionate about creating people’s spaces, that make this whole interior design process so special. When homes are created in a way that makes folks feel safe and inspired, it opens that space up to hold their dreams and memories.

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